i n s t a g r a m



In December 2005 I went to the works Christmas do dressed as Frida Kahlo,

the inspired theme was 'Heros & Heroines'...

With my floral headdress and signature monobrow, I felt like a million pesos. 

Less than half of my colleagues knew who I was. Now perhaps it'd be different...

Frida has been an inspiration for a long time and a visit to Mexico a few years back sealed the love affair. With a background in theatre and advertising, I've taken my creative eye and passion for all things Mexican and kitsch and channelled it into Holy Frida. An online shrine of handpicked Dia de los Muertos, Frida Kahlo, Mexican homewares, jewellery and must have kitsch accessories.

Holy Frida is a perfect place to brighten your life and bring some colour home.

Most items are made by artisans in Mexico and some here by our talented friends in the UK.  

We will also be running educational and fun art workshops for kids during the UK summer festival season. And if you ever need a Mexican Fiesta at the drop of a sombrero we are your people!

There’s a Mexican wave happening...lets build bridges not walls #nomuro